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Friday, May 12, 2006

Second Job = $$$$$$

Yes, I did in fact attain the impossible. The second job. Actually it was just a matter of me getting outta the house and checking out places to see if they were hiring. I went with my pal, Denise, though sadly she didn't apply because she wasn't 21. See Denise!!!! We could have worked together there!!
I actually didn't go to the tri-cites today either. I was planning to hit up the book store but somthing inside me told me, I had better make a choice today and that was either blow cash or check up on potential job prospects.
Oh right, I didn't even get to the part where I reveal where I am working yet.

Are you ready? ......................still reading this?????


Its WillowCrest Winery! Nice place and its right next to a place where my pal Laura works. Hopfully I can catch her somtime.

Soo tomorow morning Im going in to check things out..........learn a bit about wine and work out the schedule. I don't want many hours because of my boss that I already have, ahem. But just enough to help out. Hopfully I' learn a bit about wines and what goes with what etc. I don't plan on becoming a wine snot, but I'd love to be able to go into a nice place to eat and have the ability to know what to get.

So there it is, my post for today............hey hey.........its off to work I go.


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