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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

How on Earth am I Surviving?

It even mangles my brain.
This past week has been a week of hell. The weather has even had its hand in it. Yesterday's glorious temp reached a high of 106 degrees.
I could feel the hot air just wrap itself around me till I couln't take it any longer.

Anyway, yesterday I had to teach out in this God-forsaken heat hell hole. It wasn't bad at first because we were in constant shade, but when the kids started getting picky and playing with the water fountain thats when I got ugly.

Luckily before that, I had been trying to fill up water balloons for the kids to attack each other with. Unfortunatly most of them exploded on me in the bathroom which left my jeans soaking and sara laughing up a storm. But don't worry because I was laughing as well after seeing all the, ahem interesting shapes the waterballons made while attached to the faucet.

But after sweating it out and then having to go to work at Hofengarten, I just split early to grab a shower and an hour to myself before work.

But though the temps at have been nearly killing-range for some odd freaking reason people seem to come out and buy stuff. It makes no sense to me, because I'm far happier being in my little hole where its cool and all my things are to keep me company. Like the internet.........

The evening came and left me with a bitter after taste no thanks to my dad. I came back home with mum from the store and dad was working on the dishes. He was already in a stressed mood from cherry picking, which I don't blame him for being out in that heat, but when I grabbed just a random glass to drink out of he turned and raised his voice to say " HEATHER, why can't you use the old glasses"!!?? "USE THE OLD ONES FIRST!"
For some stupid reason my dad thinks that I think I am better than everyone and therefore drink out of the "new" glasses. Well okay we only have like 1 or 2 "old" glasses. Which is stupid when you think about it because I dont think the "old" glasses will ever break. But I'm so tempted to smash them out of anger from his idiocy. I hope I spelled that right, if not then you at least caught my point.

Hopfully this will all ease soon, or at least go down a bit before spiking up again.

Thats all I have to post for today, I need to get some pictures in here, its starting to look boring and clashed all together again. blech.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Heat makes People Mean

Its true you know, people have done studies on this.
I know this because of my parents..and uh myself occasionally.
But the point is that the temp goes up, I swear you see the ugly side of people, physically and emotionally.
They sweat, get mad because they are sweaty etc.
Like today, the weather here in Eastern Washington is getting into the 90's -100's.
Thats BAD!
Need me to spell it? okay, B.A.D.!!!
and in CAPITAL letters!
Nayway, I'm just grateful to be constantly indoors during these times. I think I had about 5 or 6 popsicles today while at work also. But because our fridge is so small the rest melted. Waste!
Anyway, so after work I decided to suck it all in again and make a hit to the grocery store where there I had a super cute check-out guy.
God only knows he must have been under 21......I wasn't sure for that matter, but he was blonde, tall, and did I mention his curly blonde hair? ahem, yeah anyway he was cute and then the stupid happened.
Yeah for some reason it attacks me whenever I'm around cute guys.
I don't know if I was the one who dropped the dollar or him, but I was wearing a tank-top and cardigan today. You couldn't see down my shirt when I'm standing but I bent over to pick up somthing on the ground......lets just say you would have gotten a little peep show of my bra n' stuff.
So of course, I couldn't leave the dollar. Its a WHOLE BUCK! Pennies I can practically throw away, but a dollar is somthin else.
So I cringe as bending down as gracfully as I can to pick it up, and I'm sure he got a nice view while looking over, but I figured its going to happen somtimes in life.
I'm just grateful I'm not in the D-cup range like some women. Those just can't help it no matter what they do. You just can't flatten a mountain or hills......unless you've got some powerful dynamite.
Well, whatever the point is that, its FREAKING hot this weekend, and I'm just grateful that I'm not forced to pick cherries, or have DD boobs.
The End.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Kids, Kids, and MORE kids!!!

I would be lying to you all if I said yesterday was great.
It wasn't a bad was more of a I-want-you-all-to-stop-somthering-each-other-in-paint-so-shut it-and-sit kinda day.
Sara and I have both agreed to no more paint projects. At least not with anyone under the age of 5 and when we have more than 10 kids.
Yesterday we had 21 kids. and then some!
I kept saying, "God, please stop bringing me more kids!!!" "These darn kids!"
Of course we painted and it got everywhere on everyone and then when trying to wash off the brushes the kids got water everywhere and on everyone. No BIG surprise there.
So after wrangling the kiddos up and played a few games, I was very impressed with many of the younger ones attitudes of really getting out there and trying their best. Most knew their limits, but still progressed with things on the playground.
Of course we did have entertainment from watching this crazy hobo man going digging through the garbage eating food in the park. I kept telling the girls to just leave him alone, and that he's mentally challanged etc etc. Apparently, he went over to sara and mentioned that the food was posioned in there and should stay away.
I don't think that would have been a problem.
Near the end it everyone was tired from running around....or complaining. I did get a kick outta one lovely little girl, shes a bit of a brown noser, but when she said my name "hheeeeeedddderrrrrr" I was like........awwwww okay, cute little button of a kid!
Although most of the parent's were late picking the kids up, I had the fun of telling them that you need to be here early because we somtimes finish up early and don't have plans to extend our babysitting services. Really, I did enjoy doing that. Hence why God will probably never put me as a ruler of some kingdom.....or city nowdays.
But what I find most funny is all my friend's reactions when I tell them about my day and how I feel about the kids. Most, I think assume I'm a pre-anna wintour (fashion queen of u.s. Vogue) type who would smack down any child who would so much as breathe on my designer duds.
Thats partly true. I won't ever be the type who will dote on babies, or probably spend 24-7 with the child. I'm just not there yet........or will ever be. I'd be much happier to adopt a less fortunate child from wherever. No I'm not doing a copy of a Brad-Angie.
I'm 21 and still young, and enjoying my life as is.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Aye, Aye, Captian

"In a world loaded with bullshit, these shirts aren't having any of it." "Their SJ tattoo designs show the world that you haven't drunk whatever complacency-inducing kool-aid everyone else seems to be sucking down."
Yeah, its a direct quote from their site!
And thats why I looooove their shirts!The Poison shirt is a recent purchase of mine. Was on sale thankfully, I wouldn't have shelled out $28 bucks on a t-shirt, but it was on sale for $15 so I considered that justifable. Plus, I know without a doubt none on the entire eastern side of Washington has a shirt like this.
Thats right, I just called everyone unfashionable! If I had a camera phone I'd be able to prove it on here.
Ah yes, I would be a proud parent if my child wore this.

If I was a mum, I'd wear this. Because I'd be a HOT mum!
AND Everybody loves nurses!

Sunday, June 11, 2006


Now just imagine a slew of curse words and vast amounts of worry inserted here.
It was really bad.
So bad that the water completely covered the basement window and poured into the basement.
The basement had at least 2 inches of water.
So in shock, I start to scoop out as much water as I can from the sunken basement window. Didn't work out as much as I had hoped.
So okay, now back in basement, dear God what do I do?
Call a professional? Call the grandparents? No.......they would only critize me for having what done and then remarking to my parents what an idiot I was. ahem.
Okay, must call .......DENISE! Yes, shes close by.
So I ring her up and Thank the Lord almighty she came to help.
She scooped up the water, I lifted and dumped.
She later asked if I had been keeping track of how many times I dumped, I didn't know, but it was enough to soak our driveway, and more than likely fill a few bathtubs.
Thats how much water down there.
So I got most of the stuff clean up before she came, but we actually had it cleaned up in about an hour.
But I've still got alot of work left to do. I just pray that my parents won't get as ticked as I think they might get.
I knew I should have taken a picture.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Me now in Color!

Okay, waaaaaaaaayyyyy better picture than the previous ones down below. Again so here we are, Sarah and me, having our little "laugh". If your wondering what on earth I'm holding its suppose to be an octopus. Yeah I scrapped that idea awhile ago.
Nayway, so I survived today. It was a long day. The morning wasn't so bad, after registering over 150 kids for the Hershey Track. It was kinda fun watching those little tykes running as fast as their short little legs could carry em'. Whats even funnier is watching the parents run with them.
The funny part of that morning was the porter potty guy who couldn't figure out how to open the gates, so he just left the portable right at the entrance. Not only that, but there was only one to use. So if you HAD to go, then either find the back of the bleachers or walk.
After that, my day concluded with a borish day at work. Hardly anyone came in so I more than happy to get outta there. I just had to make sure to pull out our "hidden" electrical cord so the fire inspector would fine our butts off.
Yeah, I'm good.

Friday, June 09, 2006

They spelled my last name wrong

Yeah it isn't the first happened in my 7th grade yearbook too. I don't know why people keep messing it up. I'm like, h-O-r-s-t.........pronounces the OOOOOOOO in extereme.
Stupid German heritage.
Anyway I know you can't read the article but it just goes on to say our backgrounds, how excited we are (yeah right, more nervous), why we like the job etc etc, blah blah blah blah blah.
Oh yeah I almost forgot the girl on my side is Sarah Beightol. My partner in crime for the summer teachings.
But so now you get to see what I look like, sorta, for those of you who haven't seen me in awhile or just plain wondering...."What does Heather really look like now?"
Yeah well, there you have it.
One thing I can't get over is how large the top part of my arm is. Really! I knew I put some muscle back on this past month from working out so much, but dang! The top part is like popeye's arm or somthing.
Dont' expect me to hurl up a can of spinach. More than likely I'd toss in back in the direction it came from.
Anyway I've got a major full day ahead of me tomorow. I gotta help out at the Hershey track meet at 7:30 A.M!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!
Then after that I've got work at Hofengarten till 4.
Man work....its a killer.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Sooo what did I do today???

I peed in a cup.
Drug test.
Because I know most of you already knew about that stash of meth I've got in the back of our ermmm barn.......
Right, well aside from that I did in fact get the great exiperience of going through a drug test for my counceling job this summer.
I walked into work, boss pulls me in her office and says I must go to have "a pee test".
So I found the dinky little lab and sat myself what supposedly was a waiting room among some guy from vietnam and older woman who had the worst legs I had ever seen! I'm talking vericose veins people! Eesssshhh the future.
So anyway, I sit myself down trying to avoid eye contact or conversation with the weird leg lady, but alas she starts blabbering about some tree.
I try to not look like I'm listening, but its hard not to hear crazy people am I right? People from NY I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.
Anyhoo, I actually was pretty prepaired for not knowing that I was to take a pee test today.
I had two liters of water this morning. Yes, I'm a thirsty girl in the mornin. Time to cleanse.
So I sit and wait etc etc etc.....forever and a day, you get the idea......and then pops in my partner Sarah. Hehehehe little did she know she had a longer wait than me.
Finally the nurse pulls me back and marks a line on the cup and says that I absolutely must pee to that mark pee is no good. Gee how can that be?
After taking a good stare at the mark, I tell her that I probably don't have that much right now, and then proceeds to give me a cup of the nastiest tap water ever. I think they made it that crappy just so your body would feel gross and HAVE to expell it!
Amazling it I got sick of conversation.
So away I go....again.
This time I knew I could do it. The nurse again reminds me of hitting the mark and leads me to the back bathroom. Oddly enough I wasn't allowed to flush the toliet....but there was toilet paper???
So I had no sink....nothing to really ermmmm help? Which left me feeling like such dork because I had no clue how to do this. I've never had to pee in a cup nor do I much like having to clean up anything if you catch my drift.
So after cluelessly wondering what to do I finally manage and come out sucessful.
Oddly, I felt sorta proud for being able to pee in a cup. Maybe its really true about that whole Frued and his penis-envey theory after all.
Not only that but I got to inital my pee too. Classy.
Thankfully it was all over and I was too happy to run outta there. The whole time in the bathroom kept me thinking how often do they clean this? and who used it that trucker I saw..........shudders.
But at least I survived, and now know that if I'm ever stuck in a bad situation where the only place to go is a cup.......I CAN do it!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Heather is Home Alone

Yep, since Saturday morning.
Its wonderful.
Not just wonderful, blissfull.
I would have had a fairly calmn evening last night before bed, but once I heard what was like a golf ball drop and roll in our made me start to think....and when I began to start thinking.....I started to entertain certain thoughts in my head, which then lead to my thoughts of certain crazy people out in the world....psycho babble etc.
This is why I try not to watch freaky movies prior to me being along in isolated places for long periods of time.
I had actually watched Silence of the Lambs a few days before my parents left. It wasn't as freaky as I thought. More suspenceful, thought-provoking, and of course the occasional gross-out human guts showing.
Though the movies me left me more interested in how psychopaths act out and why.
Anyway, the point is that last I basically just spent alot of time talking to God to calmn my nerves down. Which of course worked because, hey its God! hahaha.
I'm sure I'll survive the next few nights though quiet alright as long as none calls me with some freaky Dr. Lectur accent or come to my door in a Scream mask.
Just as a future warning to anyone who really wants to prove their stupidety by doing any of those acts will more than likely get shot or stabbed by me.
Trust me, I know how to shoot my dad's rifle and I highly doubt I'll be the one to go to prison.
I'm too pretty for that.

Friday, June 02, 2006

My Dad Washes Beer

After taking this picture my dad said I was going to blackmail him by putting this picture on some Christian website. Why on earth would I do that when I have a perfectly good blog to spread it on?
I can see why he thought that everyone would think mom and him are beer drinkers.........I mean with all the beer filling the other sink to the brim and all. A true sign of alcoholism.
I can't believe he'll be driving a boat in canada......I wonder what Canada's jails are like?
As for another update on my poor kitty, Sunshine. You've all seen a few pictures of my golden-orange kitty on here from time to time. Apearantly his time has come. It was pouring rain this morning and I was helping my mom clean the house when our next door neighbor Mrs. Vining drove over and expressed how concern she was for our cat. Middle America hasn't died out yet.
I found that to be very touching actually, I knew that my cat was popular among the neighbors, but to have somone come over with concern over a cat was really touching.
Turns out even her grown son, would call and ask her about the cat from time to time when mrs. Vining came home for a few months.
She was on her way back to Alaska though, and noticed how thin and boney my poor kitty had gotten.
It wasn't until she said that this is the last stages of his life, did I really begin to take in the reality of this.
After she left, I was very touched by the conversation etc, and tried not to cry as I cleaned my bathroom, but its funny because I never-ever thought I'd see the demise of my cat. Normally I don't ever get too attached to animals, but little guy I loved very very much.
A dear cat indeed.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Gah! I just want to eat the screen!!! I don't know why but for some strange- bizarre-quasi-based feeling I have the worst craving for macaroons.
They're perfectly light, relatively low calorie depending on what you bake with it, but this could not have come at more worse time when I'm trying to shed a few extra lbs. Damn.
So in honor of these delightful cookies I found a bunch of pics to make you drool.A mini cookie rainbow

One thing is for sure is the difference between French macaroons and the American version. The French produce a brillant smooth and glossy cookie with a cremy center. While it seems that most American versions are of a drop cookie that have a sweetened condensed-milk base that I'm sure was developed in the south.
They also come in the most brillant colors as well. I know these are almond-based pastes, and the green is from pistashcio (yes I know I spelled that wrong, I don't care) which sucks because I can't have anything with nuts because of a food allergie.
These are what mine look like most............maybe a little more mountainy than this though. But still just as good with a nice light crunch from the toasty cocnut outside, while creamy smooth inside.
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