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Monday, June 19, 2006

Aye, Aye, Captian

"In a world loaded with bullshit, these shirts aren't having any of it." "Their SJ tattoo designs show the world that you haven't drunk whatever complacency-inducing kool-aid everyone else seems to be sucking down."
Yeah, its a direct quote from their site!
And thats why I looooove their shirts!The Poison shirt is a recent purchase of mine. Was on sale thankfully, I wouldn't have shelled out $28 bucks on a t-shirt, but it was on sale for $15 so I considered that justifable. Plus, I know without a doubt none on the entire eastern side of Washington has a shirt like this.
Thats right, I just called everyone unfashionable! If I had a camera phone I'd be able to prove it on here.
Ah yes, I would be a proud parent if my child wore this.

If I was a mum, I'd wear this. Because I'd be a HOT mum!
AND Everybody loves nurses!


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