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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Heat makes People Mean

Its true you know, people have done studies on this.
I know this because of my parents..and uh myself occasionally.
But the point is that the temp goes up, I swear you see the ugly side of people, physically and emotionally.
They sweat, get mad because they are sweaty etc.
Like today, the weather here in Eastern Washington is getting into the 90's -100's.
Thats BAD!
Need me to spell it? okay, B.A.D.!!!
and in CAPITAL letters!
Nayway, I'm just grateful to be constantly indoors during these times. I think I had about 5 or 6 popsicles today while at work also. But because our fridge is so small the rest melted. Waste!
Anyway, so after work I decided to suck it all in again and make a hit to the grocery store where there I had a super cute check-out guy.
God only knows he must have been under 21......I wasn't sure for that matter, but he was blonde, tall, and did I mention his curly blonde hair? ahem, yeah anyway he was cute and then the stupid happened.
Yeah for some reason it attacks me whenever I'm around cute guys.
I don't know if I was the one who dropped the dollar or him, but I was wearing a tank-top and cardigan today. You couldn't see down my shirt when I'm standing but I bent over to pick up somthing on the ground......lets just say you would have gotten a little peep show of my bra n' stuff.
So of course, I couldn't leave the dollar. Its a WHOLE BUCK! Pennies I can practically throw away, but a dollar is somthin else.
So I cringe as bending down as gracfully as I can to pick it up, and I'm sure he got a nice view while looking over, but I figured its going to happen somtimes in life.
I'm just grateful I'm not in the D-cup range like some women. Those just can't help it no matter what they do. You just can't flatten a mountain or hills......unless you've got some powerful dynamite.
Well, whatever the point is that, its FREAKING hot this weekend, and I'm just grateful that I'm not forced to pick cherries, or have DD boobs.
The End.


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