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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Heather is Home Alone

Yep, since Saturday morning.
Its wonderful.
Not just wonderful, blissfull.
I would have had a fairly calmn evening last night before bed, but once I heard what was like a golf ball drop and roll in our made me start to think....and when I began to start thinking.....I started to entertain certain thoughts in my head, which then lead to my thoughts of certain crazy people out in the world....psycho babble etc.
This is why I try not to watch freaky movies prior to me being along in isolated places for long periods of time.
I had actually watched Silence of the Lambs a few days before my parents left. It wasn't as freaky as I thought. More suspenceful, thought-provoking, and of course the occasional gross-out human guts showing.
Though the movies me left me more interested in how psychopaths act out and why.
Anyway, the point is that last I basically just spent alot of time talking to God to calmn my nerves down. Which of course worked because, hey its God! hahaha.
I'm sure I'll survive the next few nights though quiet alright as long as none calls me with some freaky Dr. Lectur accent or come to my door in a Scream mask.
Just as a future warning to anyone who really wants to prove their stupidety by doing any of those acts will more than likely get shot or stabbed by me.
Trust me, I know how to shoot my dad's rifle and I highly doubt I'll be the one to go to prison.
I'm too pretty for that.


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