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Sunday, June 11, 2006


Now just imagine a slew of curse words and vast amounts of worry inserted here.
It was really bad.
So bad that the water completely covered the basement window and poured into the basement.
The basement had at least 2 inches of water.
So in shock, I start to scoop out as much water as I can from the sunken basement window. Didn't work out as much as I had hoped.
So okay, now back in basement, dear God what do I do?
Call a professional? Call the grandparents? No.......they would only critize me for having what done and then remarking to my parents what an idiot I was. ahem.
Okay, must call .......DENISE! Yes, shes close by.
So I ring her up and Thank the Lord almighty she came to help.
She scooped up the water, I lifted and dumped.
She later asked if I had been keeping track of how many times I dumped, I didn't know, but it was enough to soak our driveway, and more than likely fill a few bathtubs.
Thats how much water down there.
So I got most of the stuff clean up before she came, but we actually had it cleaned up in about an hour.
But I've still got alot of work left to do. I just pray that my parents won't get as ticked as I think they might get.
I knew I should have taken a picture.


Anonymous Cat said...

Great, and very cute blog! Definitely linking to you! Thank you for the lovely email! (I sent you one back but I don't know if you got it!)

6:06 PM  
Blogger HeatherH said...

aww thanks! I loved your blog as well!

12:13 PM  
Blogger dnsswgr said...

Hey Heather!
Have your parents killed you yet??!!! I hope they don't, because I really want to go shopping and out for drinks with you on Wednesday!!!!

4:07 PM  

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