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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

How on Earth am I Surviving?

It even mangles my brain.
This past week has been a week of hell. The weather has even had its hand in it. Yesterday's glorious temp reached a high of 106 degrees.
I could feel the hot air just wrap itself around me till I couln't take it any longer.

Anyway, yesterday I had to teach out in this God-forsaken heat hell hole. It wasn't bad at first because we were in constant shade, but when the kids started getting picky and playing with the water fountain thats when I got ugly.

Luckily before that, I had been trying to fill up water balloons for the kids to attack each other with. Unfortunatly most of them exploded on me in the bathroom which left my jeans soaking and sara laughing up a storm. But don't worry because I was laughing as well after seeing all the, ahem interesting shapes the waterballons made while attached to the faucet.

But after sweating it out and then having to go to work at Hofengarten, I just split early to grab a shower and an hour to myself before work.

But though the temps at have been nearly killing-range for some odd freaking reason people seem to come out and buy stuff. It makes no sense to me, because I'm far happier being in my little hole where its cool and all my things are to keep me company. Like the internet.........

The evening came and left me with a bitter after taste no thanks to my dad. I came back home with mum from the store and dad was working on the dishes. He was already in a stressed mood from cherry picking, which I don't blame him for being out in that heat, but when I grabbed just a random glass to drink out of he turned and raised his voice to say " HEATHER, why can't you use the old glasses"!!?? "USE THE OLD ONES FIRST!"
For some stupid reason my dad thinks that I think I am better than everyone and therefore drink out of the "new" glasses. Well okay we only have like 1 or 2 "old" glasses. Which is stupid when you think about it because I dont think the "old" glasses will ever break. But I'm so tempted to smash them out of anger from his idiocy. I hope I spelled that right, if not then you at least caught my point.

Hopfully this will all ease soon, or at least go down a bit before spiking up again.

Thats all I have to post for today, I need to get some pictures in here, its starting to look boring and clashed all together again. blech.


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