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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Kids, Kids, and MORE kids!!!

I would be lying to you all if I said yesterday was great.
It wasn't a bad was more of a I-want-you-all-to-stop-somthering-each-other-in-paint-so-shut it-and-sit kinda day.
Sara and I have both agreed to no more paint projects. At least not with anyone under the age of 5 and when we have more than 10 kids.
Yesterday we had 21 kids. and then some!
I kept saying, "God, please stop bringing me more kids!!!" "These darn kids!"
Of course we painted and it got everywhere on everyone and then when trying to wash off the brushes the kids got water everywhere and on everyone. No BIG surprise there.
So after wrangling the kiddos up and played a few games, I was very impressed with many of the younger ones attitudes of really getting out there and trying their best. Most knew their limits, but still progressed with things on the playground.
Of course we did have entertainment from watching this crazy hobo man going digging through the garbage eating food in the park. I kept telling the girls to just leave him alone, and that he's mentally challanged etc etc. Apparently, he went over to sara and mentioned that the food was posioned in there and should stay away.
I don't think that would have been a problem.
Near the end it everyone was tired from running around....or complaining. I did get a kick outta one lovely little girl, shes a bit of a brown noser, but when she said my name "hheeeeeedddderrrrrr" I was like........awwwww okay, cute little button of a kid!
Although most of the parent's were late picking the kids up, I had the fun of telling them that you need to be here early because we somtimes finish up early and don't have plans to extend our babysitting services. Really, I did enjoy doing that. Hence why God will probably never put me as a ruler of some kingdom.....or city nowdays.
But what I find most funny is all my friend's reactions when I tell them about my day and how I feel about the kids. Most, I think assume I'm a pre-anna wintour (fashion queen of u.s. Vogue) type who would smack down any child who would so much as breathe on my designer duds.
Thats partly true. I won't ever be the type who will dote on babies, or probably spend 24-7 with the child. I'm just not there yet........or will ever be. I'd be much happier to adopt a less fortunate child from wherever. No I'm not doing a copy of a Brad-Angie.
I'm 21 and still young, and enjoying my life as is.


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