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Thursday, June 01, 2006


Gah! I just want to eat the screen!!! I don't know why but for some strange- bizarre-quasi-based feeling I have the worst craving for macaroons.
They're perfectly light, relatively low calorie depending on what you bake with it, but this could not have come at more worse time when I'm trying to shed a few extra lbs. Damn.
So in honor of these delightful cookies I found a bunch of pics to make you drool.A mini cookie rainbow

One thing is for sure is the difference between French macaroons and the American version. The French produce a brillant smooth and glossy cookie with a cremy center. While it seems that most American versions are of a drop cookie that have a sweetened condensed-milk base that I'm sure was developed in the south.
They also come in the most brillant colors as well. I know these are almond-based pastes, and the green is from pistashcio (yes I know I spelled that wrong, I don't care) which sucks because I can't have anything with nuts because of a food allergie.
These are what mine look like most............maybe a little more mountainy than this though. But still just as good with a nice light crunch from the toasty cocnut outside, while creamy smooth inside.


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