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Friday, June 02, 2006

My Dad Washes Beer

After taking this picture my dad said I was going to blackmail him by putting this picture on some Christian website. Why on earth would I do that when I have a perfectly good blog to spread it on?
I can see why he thought that everyone would think mom and him are beer drinkers.........I mean with all the beer filling the other sink to the brim and all. A true sign of alcoholism.
I can't believe he'll be driving a boat in canada......I wonder what Canada's jails are like?
As for another update on my poor kitty, Sunshine. You've all seen a few pictures of my golden-orange kitty on here from time to time. Apearantly his time has come. It was pouring rain this morning and I was helping my mom clean the house when our next door neighbor Mrs. Vining drove over and expressed how concern she was for our cat. Middle America hasn't died out yet.
I found that to be very touching actually, I knew that my cat was popular among the neighbors, but to have somone come over with concern over a cat was really touching.
Turns out even her grown son, would call and ask her about the cat from time to time when mrs. Vining came home for a few months.
She was on her way back to Alaska though, and noticed how thin and boney my poor kitty had gotten.
It wasn't until she said that this is the last stages of his life, did I really begin to take in the reality of this.
After she left, I was very touched by the conversation etc, and tried not to cry as I cleaned my bathroom, but its funny because I never-ever thought I'd see the demise of my cat. Normally I don't ever get too attached to animals, but little guy I loved very very much.
A dear cat indeed.


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