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Friday, July 28, 2006

I have been temporarly cut off from this world

Yes, my fellow bloggers, its true. I can't even believe it myself. Its been 5 WHOLE DAYS! Since I've had Internet. I've been druggingly walking around this world feeling like my arm has been cut off from me.
Luckily my dear grammie & popo (grandparents) have let me use their connection for a little bit a day while in return I take free cookies n' sweets from the mall to them. I know its not cool, but come on, its homemade treats!
Nayway, so if anyone has been wondering "where has heather gone?" Not to worry.........well okay worry a little bit just to make my conscious feel better, I have not died or married some rich Ukrainian diplomat or decided I was too gorgeous for this world and joined a cult that is set to travel into space during the next meteor shower and become the new "mother" of a colony.
Okay maybe that is a yes for the last one, because those mormans have been really giving me peer pressure lately for it. geezzz.

So with that aaallll said, I leave you again, God knows when I'll return. Thats left up in the greasy hands of our IT-guy. For some reason fat people always go slower. And yes, that was a direct INSULT! SO HURRY UP AND FIX MY FREAKIN PC!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

I am living in a man-made sauna

I am in love with this dress! Although you kinda have to be waif-like to wear this sucker, I think if you've got a few ample curves onself you can pull it off right. I want to know who made this...........mainly I want to know HOW to make it myself and get all those sparkly long sequins down on the sheer part. Dang!

Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions or knows of a similar pattern.........por favor let me know!
Meanwhile I want to include a little blurp about the heat that is heading this way. My God, I couldn't believe it when I heard the weatherman say "107 by Sunday". Thats almost Death Valley heat.
Normally we have some really hot days in the summer, but nothing like this before. I'll be shocked if my dad is working out in the fields mid-day in this heat.
I just pray that I wont be working at hofengarten this saturday. I'm so sick of working saturdays. Same idiot people day in, day out.
See how the heat makes people, like me, particularly irratble??!!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Cooler than Thou........

This isn't the best pic of the necklace, but you gotta admit. Its pretty damn cool. I just recently got this on ebay from an amazingly talented lady called Tere. I raved about her designs to her and we hit it off right from the start and talk regularly on messenger. Tere, Thank-You so much again for making me ever more so cooler!! You rock!
This is the cartoon version of myself. If I had dots plastered all over me.
Do your thing Marie! If anyone invents a time machine I'm going to use it for evil. And what I mean by that is, I'm going to go back in time to the 16th century and steal clothes. Particularlly ones like this. I might also add that I am dying to see Sofia Coppola's modern Marie Antoniette movie coming out soon! yeah!
! I AM QUEEN HEAR ME ROAR! That would be my slogan if I was a queen. Tacky yes, but forever will be my cool slogan!
Honest to God, I'll be sooo glad once this pirate bit is overwith! Now that punk/goth is coming back into fall I'm looking forward to the dark colors. One thing I wish for is this Jean Paul Gutier Navy Pea coat! Brillant form fit!
I also love the way Vogue does an astonishing job at dressing casual. See this is the way I wish I looked when I drink my latte.
Oh yeah, tartan should be big for fall as well. Little tip there.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Mmmmm Vintage Baking

I found two old vintage paper cook-mags at a local consignment shop yesterday on the way to my hair appointment, I thought they'd be great to go in with my swap I'm currently in on at craftster. I actually kept one for myself because I kinda like those cheesy old recipies. Somtimes they can be the best even though its loaded with butter n' sugar. I actully really love the plaid background. Gives it that Scottish-look to it.
See how proudly the mum and her daughter carry the cakes. I mean they even produce their own glow in the background? How many housewives now can do that? Even the cat glows. She even maintains a 16-inch waist.
You wouldn't see this look today for sure. But I still love the look!

One thing I love about old cookbooks is how frilly the titles/names are to such things.
I actually really like that gingham dog. I had never seen any cookie like that before. They had a couple other recipies in the booklet for neat little cookies n' treats. If I had a daughter or son this would be somthing I do with them.

Cute. Cute. Cute.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

These days.............

We've all had the foot-in-mouth syndrome happen to us from time to time. Of course I've gotten my thrills from it more than once.
Like today for instance, after most of the kids had left the park, I came back to the table to make sure everything was once again ok.
Suddenly this dog from the trailer park came out, and it was a cute little thing by the way, and started jumping around all over the place.
After watching the dog for a few seconds I said to everyone "HEY, look at that cute dog kids, look hes gonna do his trick."
Yeah well the dog sure his trick. The dog preceeded to do his little jump that I saw before but then right after mid-height the dog started scooting his ass all on the grass.
I bent down of course in embarassment and was laughing my rear off at the same time because the dog kept doing the same "trick" and then wiping his butt on the grass.
Of course the kids saw and we're shocked but did get alot of laughs. I can't wait for the parents to hear this at dinner time. I can kiss my extra babysitting out the door now.
Then the stupid started to create a dust storm around a poor tree from ahem, doing his thing on the dirt near it. Oh gawd, I just couldn't stop laughing, and yet felt so classless. eck.
There really much of a lesson to this, other than displaying my vast intelligence and humor standards. All I can say is this is another example of my humaness and what its like through the eyes of heather.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

I went a little bazerk last night

Most of my friends already know that when the clock goes past 9 pm I usually get a little odd. Its become somwhat normal entertainment for them because of so many getogethers.
So after finishing up work at Hofengarten I breeze over to the Sunnyside Community Center to help out sara and pray that she is still alive and not getting pre-tie dyed herself by some little kids.
Luckily in the blazed heat she wasn't and so I figured I'd just pop over to home quickly and get changed into some less than appealing attire because...its just kids....who cares!

Right well, that didn't work out so nicely to my advantage. I hadn't shaved my legs in awhile but because I'm so white you couldn't really tell because of the whiteness of my legs.
So back in I stroll and there I find about 6 amatur cops sitting in the lounge. Hmmmm okay " sara what's with all the security? I feel like a celeb."

Turns out that many people like to have gang getogethers etc in the park which I'm not surprised at all about.

Moving on, much to my humiliation there was at least one cute cop there, tall, dark, and handsome..........the whole works. Gawd, I just wanted to kill myself for wearing crappy shorts n' t-shirt. Not only that but I was pms-ing badly as well. So I didn't have too much self-confidence at that moement.

But we moved on and did activites with the kids which they were very good about and of course I kept smiling at that cute cop..............and I'm hoping he was smiling back at me because I kept meeting his does that count? I swear I wasn't staring! Not long anyhow. hehehehehe

The fire truck came and they got out their hose and sprayed all the kids down which was so funny to watch because some of the kids kept running waaayy off but they kept squirting them anyhow heheh

Then some old woman from the local paper came by to cover a story on us. That woman was THE MOST ANNOYING person I've had contact with yet. She kept asking us whether we had been doing our jobs right or not etc. I was really to slap a pickle on her giant behind. But she already did that sorta, by sitting on a wet bench HAR-HAR!

So we play more games, one little girl kept creating a cloud of baby powder out of a bottle to put on her mosquito bites. It was the funniest thing because she looked like a little indian brave creating a smoke cloud with it. hahaha. So thats why we called her "white cloud."

I have to say the best part was getting to know sara a bit more, we spent much of the time giggling outside and cracking sex jokes etc. We actually thought about getting a bunch of condoms and slapping them on the back of a truck bumper in the parking lot because we thought that ummmm somthing else was going on in there..........

The kids had enough fun with the cops though, they handcuffed a few of them, then some of the boys who then got the crap tortured outta them by the kids.

I continue to stare at the cute cop guy and try to presuade sara to find out if hes single

Then we had this one girl who was just..............scary weird. You know like the kinda child that gives you the creeps to be close to because your afraid they might eventually attack you? Thats how this one girl was. In fact she tried to bite a few of us. Somthing that really terrifies me. Then she took a liking to one of the boys helping us that night and tried to bite him, then put on his shorts. Finally the he got scared enough that he locked himself in the office till she left.
Thats why we called her "little chucky".

Finally around 1 am I was about ready to burst. Literally. So I decided I better pee then.

Okay, then I gave up and went home to a nice soft bed. Sadly I never got a chance to talk to the cute cop. I can only hope now that maybe I'll get pulled over by him or somthing in the future. Drug possesion, disturbing the peace, take your pick.

Now I'm on a coffee binge buzz this morning after downing two grande lattes and that is the end.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Greetins From Paris

Yeah I got bored last night so I decided to use my artistic skills and start making greeting cards because everything else was crap basically. I'm still playing around with colors and adding things so everything that you see before you is not entirely done.
Also the heart pic at top, I put at the bottom of an envelope, which is much smaller no thanks to my stupid printer.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Why I Feel Fat

No I didn't eat this Mega-Monster cookie. But if I did I probably would have regretted it later. I don't know how many times we have to tell one another its all about portion size! This entire cookie eats up my whole hand! I have to admit I am impressed with the fact that it has no preservatives or shorting etc, but on the back it says 130 calories per serving: 2 servings. There is at least 3-4 serving on that cookie alone. Well whatever, we sells theses babies at Hofengarten along with the regular sugar cookies n' chocolate chip. All I can say is: Be Careful People!!!
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.........yummy stuff. All I can say is, thank God its in a small size. I am addicted to the French Vanilla and Mocha Cappucino 3 Musketeers. Soooo good. You can really taste the mocha/coffee and the French Vanilla is very smooth and light.
The Snickers caramel proved to be a winner as well, although I'm not a HUGE snickers fan I liked the combo of caramel and peanuts. I haven't really explored much on the salty-sweet side of the street but I find it interestlingly good.
So how's that for a cheap-shot review?

Why America Is FAT!

I was anticipating this one the most. I dunno know why because I'm not a big fan of the peanut butter cups, but maybe its the fact that its somthing new as if Willy Wonka himself made it or somthing. Ermm, well whatever of course once biting into it you taste the marshmallow which was very sweet mixing with the other flavours of the cup, but really.......I just didn't find it that big of a deal. Its like, when people try to put a new spin on smores.....yeah its cool for about the first 5 minutes but then your back eating into the original version.
No Biggie on this one either, just imagine Reese's Peanut Butter cups drown in a fudge layer and stretched out to bar form. Again, the chocolate on the outside tasted medicore, and a dry inside peanut butter taste. Honestly, why are so many people obessed with Reese Peanut Butter Cups? Is it cause its in a tart-like form or what?
Yeeeesshhh thats a crappy picture! Man who took that?! Oh right me. hehehe. Okay so I'm really not a fan of candy having coconut in (unless its a macaroon!) because of the oily feel to it in the first place. As you can see I just took a small bite of it and didn't find the Mounds bar to be what I thought.
The orange taste was definatly there but tasted so fake. The inside felt mushy with no real separation with textures.
I give this 2 stars.

We're done!

So I had alot more pictures to put on here, but stupid blogger is acting up yet again. You hear me you stupid people running!!
Anyway so we finally finished cherrie a few weeks back and here are a few of the photos as promised: Don't worry after the FBI busted us for child labor last year, we swore off anyone under the age of 9. But you should have seen this little fill the entire box with cherries she picked. How could we say no?
I'm totally kidding to those you who are dumb enough to think otherwise.
Yellow cherries!
These will soon be filled with cherries and picked up and put into a refrigerated truck.
You can't get any fresher than this! yeah!
Opps double take there, my bad! Uhh anyway my dad is just getting ready to load the cherries to be weighed for price.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Finally A PIC!!

Can you guess where this picture was taken?
I know you can' fact, your probably thinking its from some fancy-pants resort right?
Well maybe, but who knows.
Well first off, this pic was taken over in Europe........I suppose you could say middle/eastern Europe.
Actually its Albania. Yeah I didn't think they even had beaches in Albania.
Again my good friend, Sonila, who took this picture proves me wrong once again thankfully.
My original thoughts consisted of drab wheather, bleak waters, and goats. Don't ask why.
But still the picture is gorgeous and could have fooled me any day into thinking that it was taken from some spot in the south of France.
Gracias to Sonila for all the lovely pics again!
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