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Friday, July 28, 2006

I have been temporarly cut off from this world

Yes, my fellow bloggers, its true. I can't even believe it myself. Its been 5 WHOLE DAYS! Since I've had Internet. I've been druggingly walking around this world feeling like my arm has been cut off from me.
Luckily my dear grammie & popo (grandparents) have let me use their connection for a little bit a day while in return I take free cookies n' sweets from the mall to them. I know its not cool, but come on, its homemade treats!
Nayway, so if anyone has been wondering "where has heather gone?" Not to worry.........well okay worry a little bit just to make my conscious feel better, I have not died or married some rich Ukrainian diplomat or decided I was too gorgeous for this world and joined a cult that is set to travel into space during the next meteor shower and become the new "mother" of a colony.
Okay maybe that is a yes for the last one, because those mormans have been really giving me peer pressure lately for it. geezzz.

So with that aaallll said, I leave you again, God knows when I'll return. Thats left up in the greasy hands of our IT-guy. For some reason fat people always go slower. And yes, that was a direct INSULT! SO HURRY UP AND FIX MY FREAKIN PC!


Anonymous Cat said...

Come back to the world of blogging.....we are a creepy bunch, but like pinky and the brain we will "TAKE OVER THE WORLD"
Or maybe just our computers

10:32 AM  

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