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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Okay, So I've been gone for what is it now? Three weeks? my Lord!
Well now, so very much has happened within these three weeks. Its truly been life-changing.
There have been many engaugments among friends, a death of an old acquiantance, I got a new laptop and now hopfully a job change and college.
So I'll try to sum this all up as best as possible while noting key stuff.
The first few weeks of being not connected to my other reality I suffered greatly and my stupid hotmail box suffered greatly.
So the first big change in my life was finding out the engaugment and soon-to-be-married pal Nicole. She's only been engaged for about a month and is getting married September 3rd. And I'll be there at the wedding to cheer her on and share in her happiness. I will admit though that I was shocked out of my gourd how fast she was getting married.
Not only that, but I found out two other friends are engaged and then two more have started dating.
As for things with my current job working at Hofengarten, things have well, been made more apparent that my boss is going to be a meanie. I've continuly asked her for more hours, so far I'm up to 16 hrs a week which isn't too bad, but it definatly dosen't even help with the grocery bill or would even cover gas.
Not only that, but she is stealing my magazines. I take them with me to work to read and enjoy, leave them there thinking they are in safe keeping only to find them gone the next time.
Yeah, and she thinks everyone is trying to steal from her. Yeeeeaaaaahhhhh
So today, I figured I'd apply for a dental assistant position today. In fact I barely even typed up my resume this morning and no sooner had I dropped it off they called about an hour later asking me for an interview.
So hopfully I will be able to leave my psycho boss soon.
Then this past weekend, rocked. I had been dealing with a bout of a nasty cold and then it developed into larengitis. Friday evening after work I was scheduled to work at the Senior Citzen's Casino night...............bllllaaahhhhh.....yeah I was easily able to get out of that because of my illness ( yeah I didn't ermm want to get the old people sick).
So that left me with one other decision, oh yes, attend the indie rock concert I had my heart set on for over a month.
So even though I was sick, sweaty, and tired, I meet up with some friends in yakima and rocked out to some awesome music, saw some interesting people and also couldn't figure out why Yakima kids have such a problem with rockin out......i mean they just stood there, they wernt even shaking their heads. It was so stupid.
But besides that I got up close and personal with the lead singer-girl of the seattle band The Look. By that I mean I watched her primping in the bathroom. It was much more of glancing at time to time while waiting for a friend to pee.
Anyway she was super nice, didn't have that i'm-above-you attitude and even signed my shirt.
Anyway by the time I got back home it was about midnight and I was so out of my element that I just crashed into bed.
So fast-forward to 7:00 am I awake with bloodshot eyes, no voice, and I felt like somone had beaten me with a bat. Needless to say, I was a bit snappy in the morning.
That saturday turned into a full day of shopping, haning out with mum, and getting a nice new laptop for all my own!
Besides that, I loved talking to people with my smoker's voice! It was fun, like as if I had been drinking for about 12 years.
With that, the interesting part was getting my laptop. We first went to Office Max, which felt like a seedy place anyway to get a laptop. The first salesman said his sheepeal and ignored my questions which lead us to check out good ol' Best Buy. We found a nice laptop, but againleaving my not satisfied until she called our IT guy to compair we went back to stupid Office Max.
This time we got a different salesman, he was about 100x more honest than the first guy.
Basically while my mum was diggin around for our IT guy's phone number, he quietly told me, he dosent normally do this, but didn't want us to get ripped off so he said we'd be better to go with Best Buy.
So obviously my mom didn't listen to me, so I ended up having to grab the guy and have him tell mum to go with best buy instead.
Which now leads to what I'm writing on.
So that, in a nutshell has what has happened in my life. See what happens when I lose the net for a long while. Anyway enough blah blah blah.
Now go get back into reality.


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