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Saturday, September 16, 2006

I Am Freaking Out Badly!

Freaking out has easily become a second nature to me. Almost as naturally as breathing and eating large amounts of bread and fruit.
Its just not good.
I actually told my boss (beki) today while working at Hofengarten that I had to quit because of a new job offer. I can't tell you how badly I was shaking with fear all over that should woulld blow up on me. So I prayed and begged God to let me know if I should take the final step and make it offical and pursue this temp job as a dental assistant.
And even though I didn't quiet hear God's voice, I did feel that God would always take care and be there for me no matter the situation. Particularly this one. I also prayed that my boss wouldn't freak out on me. Least not too badly.

And so....dare I say it.....she took it very well. I was floored.

Truly I am sad to leave the store. Its been fun working there, meeting some interesting women, learning how to decorate, and my 30% discount. Sighs. I miss those days.

But with that, I get a whole new slug of responsibiltes. And I'm petriffied......terrified....and just all around overwhelmed with fear that I shall fail at this.
But..........but I will put my faith and trust and pray my little heart out to God on this. Its gonna be a long hard road, but I think if I truly make an effort at this I can do it.

But I'm still having some minor stress attacks on the side though.


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