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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I Feel Like an Animal Being Teased With Food

Why on earth would I say such a thing like that you ask yourself?
Because I just finished my "working interview" over at the communnity dental clinic the past two days and I just wonder if this is somthing God has planned for me to do.
All I know is that, if it is somthing that is in God's will then I will succeed in it.
I know with practice and repetition then I could get the whole procedures and cleaning and charting etc.
It just takes practice.
I just question if this is somthing that is meant to be. So I somwhat feel like God is dangling this in my face and then will pull it back.
Its not like I've been so intent on working in the dental field anyway. So why would God put this in front of my face and then take it away. I'd feel like such a failure and just give up on it and move on.
I still am in the the crossroads of what choice to make on who to work for. If I do get this job.
I enjoy working at Hofengarten, the people, wrapping things, and the holiday season. The downside is when my boss gets a little paranoid somtimes. It comes and alzihemers!
Working at the dental clinic would provide me with great training for the future, though with that comes a high price of being professional and learning ALOT. Tools, cleaning, trays etc.
Do I really want to put forth the effort to learn all this? I could do it if I had a longer period of time and more practice. But this is somthing that will have to be crammed in about a week. HOLY CRAP!
So with that, I ask you all for your prayers once again.............cause I am so freakin lost.!!!


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