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Saturday, September 30, 2006

I get verbally abused

Well my peeps the first post didn't turn out because my papa had to use to the phone so I got everything. Sheesh.
So your wondering what the heck happened to me today then hence the title; well basically I got a verbal attack from my old boss beki (Hofengarten gallery).
So its been a pretty crappy week for me anyway, the stress level working at the dental clinic has been HIGH+++++ so that didn't help much today. After coming back home from Costco me and mum decided to get some chinese eats then head over to my old workspot to pick up my kitten from Lynette (gracious lady by the way) who kept it for me until it got healthy.
So my mum and I go in, lynette runs home to pick up the kitten, I decide to be kind and say hello to my boss.
She didn't seem very happy in the first place.
So I got in and tell her that I was there to pick up my new kitten. Then begins the interrogation.
She starts to grill me about how I'm going to care for my kitten and where its going to stay etc.
(a little side note, my boss is majorly into saving animals, which is fine, but she would take it to the level of rescuing an animal over a human being)
So, okay she starts to interogate me on the well-being of how my care of this kitten will be.
I told her I had plans to keep it safely in our barn.
For some reason she thought that I would drop the kitten in the barn, no protection or heat etc.
That insulted me so much, how dare she tell me that I don't care for my animals or not know how to protect them. If I could keep my kitten or cats in the house I would but I can't because my dad dosen't allow it. I've lost kittens in some terrible ways (torn by pickup engines/kitty with broken legs mauled by a dog) that just broke my heart in bits.
Even then we tried to keep them in cages.
No doubt she would blame me for their death.
So anyway, she proceeds to tell me very firmly that if I put the kitten in the barn it will die, she says how "upset" she is over this and how I didn't consider this at all.
After all that, I mumbled some excises about putting the kitty in the basement, its true I didn't think about how small the little thing really is and the basement inside probably is the best option but even that didn't satisfy my boss.
She beings to state how it should be sleeping with me in my bed, with the kitty liter box in my room also.
I'm really not so keen on having my room smell like poo when I sleep. Again I AM NOT AGAINST THE CAT. ITS THE POO PEOPLE! BIG DIFFERENCE! PPPOOOOOPPPP.
So after being attack for awhile my mum saunters in, gets a little taste of what happened, didn't bother defending me, but she did have some shocked look on her face what my boss was ranting about at me.
After getting more lectured and insulted, lynette comes back with the kitten and beki continues to say that I have no right to just take the kitten and un-do all the work that lynette did in taking care of the kitten if I put it in the barn.
Un-do her work? I appreciated all of lynette's patience and kindness of the kitten.
For some stupid reason my boss thinks that I am INTENTIONALLY trying to hurt this kitten.
I kept telling her no, but she looked at me point blank and said "your going to do it anyway aren't you? I know you are".
Can you get anymore rude than that? What the hell?! How dare she say such things to me like I'm not a fit to take care of this animal.
I'm sorry that I wasn't raised to coddle my animals, I love animals but I just wasn' raised or allowed to have any animals. I always resented that. So don't tell me that I'm unfit or don't care about those things.
Biggest bunch of crap I had ever had said to me.
So there I was faced with a decsion. Take kitty have my boss call PETA on me? or leave the kitten to lynette.
I decided it best to leave it with lynette NOT JUST BECAUSE my boss acted like an ass, but because I truly did love that kitten and didn't want to risk it not suriving the winter.
After we left my heart was so full of anger, unforgivness, and sadness that I had to give up my kitten because of that whole situation.
I still struggle with it, I want to let go and forgive but it always creeps back up on me and I feel like I truly haven't nor want to frogive if that makes sense to anyone.
So at this point, I think I've officially severed all ties with ever working with beki at Hofengarten. I think she went home tonight and told her husband all about it and then had a bad day because of me.
Yes well, I don't give a crap.


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