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Monday, September 11, 2006

I'm back from Portland

Yes, I left as a demure 21 year old and came back a 22 year old woman.
Yeah well, given that my age changed my personality and virginity have remained the same. No biggie.
So we celebrated my birthday, my mum's (on the 9th), and then my dear grannie's next week.
In all it was a fun trip, dispite getting loaded up on food and when I mean loaded I mean like an endless buffet of health foods. All I can say is, thank God it was partly healthy.
But I'm back home now and loaded up with all sorts of good foodstuffs from trader Joes. My new favorite hangout. I love that store chain. Sighs! Why can't middle america get that we need diversity like that???
Anyway so now that I'm home I've been stressed out of my mind as what to do with a current job proposal and whether or not to stay with my comfy job I have now. Working at Hofengarten has provided me with lots of spare time, or I should really say leasure time. With that, I make about $110 a week. Not many hours at all. It would increase obviously during the holidays but of course it would go down by New Years and I'm back in rhe same hole.Though I enjoy working there and the customers and working with all those pretty has just gotten boring and did I forget to mention that my boss is half crazy somtimes. But the customers are awesome though!
So with that, I thought since I'd be there awhile I would just take some evening classes at the local college, that way I would get an easy $1,000 as well as get better credits.
Then when I recently got a call back from a local dental clinic I found that they wanted to hire me but only as a temp. I would be working until Feburary because of a woman going on maternity leave. Of course there is always the possibilty that she might take a little longer gettig back and they might keep me for awhile longer.
Of course if I take this job at the dental office I would not be able to take classes for maybe two quarters.
So you can see that I'm really in a doughnut hole here. Did I spell doughnut right? Dounut? Who doughnut??? lol.
Oksay but seriously, I cried this morning while praying about it, and have felt that God might have me stay at hofengarten. But, while praying this morning the most I felt was that God will always be there to take care of me. Which He has. I just worry about being stuck in another hole without a job and failing to project a sucessful image upon my family.
The truth comes down to that really. Projecting oneself as successful, when all I want is to be useful to God somhow and get fullfillment through that; God's will for my life.
How fickle we human can be.
All I know is that I must make this choice. I feel that although God is here to influence the decsion, I must make the final call. Why is that so hard????


Blogger dnsswgr said...

Growing up is hard dear...I feel the same way at times. Just last night I was talking to mum about the future...and it's scary!!! I've been in college the last 3 1/2 years, and I don't know if I'll have a job when I graduate. Learning to trust God at times is a very hard thing to do! I'm confident that God will reveal His plan to you...just remember to praise Him in every storm.

5:18 PM  

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