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Monday, September 18, 2006

Overwhelmed and Undereducated

I nearly backed out today.
I had second thoughts.
I made up many reasons to back out of this new job.
Its not like they didn't warn me that from time to time the job would get tough.
I just got intimidated today would be the best way to describe it.
We had a different doctor on the premise today and I actually had him work on my teeth before many many years ago.
Anyway if you all don't know by now I'm working as a dental assistant now. I'm still learning and am a idiot at charting.
Its tough to memorize all the teeth and then learn the surfaces and stuff OMG!
So I would clean somone's teeth and buzz the doctor to come in, and of course I already feel awful for not knowing right off the bat what he says or wants me to write down and I he just gave me this look of like.........OH GOD, Okay gimme the chart cause I know you can't do it.
I'm not paranoid, I just know how most doctors think. In my expierence the ones who usually take the time to tell you about somthing or help are usually the nicest.
The ones who become passive and kinda ignore you.......well you know what those are.
At least I can give good props to most of the girls that work there. Even when busy they are considerate with me and questions. So props to them.
Well back to today. The morning rush was hard. I'm not used to being at work by 8 am and going through a maddening rush. After the run-in with the doctor I was so ready for lunch.
I just wanted to go off and cry almost, I just wonder if this job is still really right for me. The answer so far is no. I don't see myself ever doing this again.
But I had to take deep breathes and pray and figured I can't back out now because they are depending on me. Even if I do suck.


Blogger Robyn said...

I hope things get better, but if the job is that stressful, I wouldn't wanna stick with it. :( You'll learn more and get in the swing of things, yeah? How can they expect you to know everything if you just started working there? :\

7:25 AM  

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