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Monday, October 02, 2006

Bad Boring Day

Well okay, I had planned to work out but I was feeling a bit crappy about alot of things so I did what most normal women do on their days off.........just crash out.
As I laid around for half the morning I starting snooping. My favorite and best past time. Luckily my mom's side of the family always has been known for having a juicy past. Not as entertaining as Anna Nicole Smith, but at least its more on the normal scale.
So I knew my grammie (mum's mother) had written up her life's story/memories up along with a full history of our familia.

So heres how far we go back or at least the farthest we've gotten:

William Pettipoole 1565-1570 Middlesex Co. England.

Thats the farthest that was dated back so far. One things I've noticed is that with all the thick and thin relatives..........its our nose. Its not a big nose but not small. Its like medium thick. My dad somtimes tells me that I have a hughes nose. Not that it matters at all.

So here I am reading a bit out my grans earliest memories and expierences etc. I always knew they were "okies" or migrant workers from Oaklahoma. True southerners but definatly not hicks. Just hard working poor people. My grammie grew up towards the end of the depression "dust bowl" era of the 1930's. They moved all over the southwest, eventually trekking to california like many other farmers looking for a better life. Turns out they camped out in alot goverment camps, were ridiculed alot,
one story in particular was when most of her family was staying at a goverment camp for migrant workers and her aunt Ruby usually entertained most nights with dominos and music for everyone after work when a car kept driving by the houses and splattering mud over the houses. My aunt Ruby took care of that by placing a board with nails out on the road and sure enough the car never returned.

Another re-occuring theme throughout my granmother's memories was that of decipline. We all know that those actions of parents in the early 21st century were practically child abuse. But one memory of hers made me laugh with shock. Appearantly my grammie had a bad case of wetting her pants and then laughing about it. Her mother had enough of that, so the next time she did that her mother (my great-grandmother) made her wear her wet underwear on her head until her father got home to see and probably get a spanking. Luckily that didn't happen, but she never wet her pants again.
Obviously now that would be child abuse today, but imagining my poor grammie as a child with wet underpants on her head is well yeah.......

So with that to make a long life story short, they eventually move up in the chain of life, my grammie meets my grandpa (popo/byron) while working at a movie theather. He joins up in the navy stationed in Hawaii during the Korean War, She eventually flies over the pacific to marry him----------they have blissful years in hawaii-------------they return to San Fransisco where she gives birth to my mom (kay) in a taxi on the Oakland Bay bridge. It wasn't until a about a month later did my grandfather see my mum.

and thats a VERY BRIEF story of the life of my grammie. I'm very grateful to have a rich history and stories. so far.


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