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Friday, October 27, 2006


I am so fucking stressed.
I'm starting to hate my job. Just when I think I'm made a teeny accomplishment or maybe making a good impression on my co-workers or boss. It just seems to all but come down and crush me to bits.
Today, was hectic. I don't know how it got to be so hectic but obviously according to one of my co-works I wasn't good the best job.
If I was working at starbucks and got yelled at for being too slow, I probably wouldn't care so much for doing a so-called crappy job.
But since I'm dealing with actual people and their health...................its a massive difference.
So let me please take the time to let all of you know that I have alot of respect for the patients and doing a good job.
I'm still fairly new and trying to learn how to do things.
Its definatly not easy trying to clean somone's teeth in less than 7 minutes, especially if they have plaque and crap all over their teeth, or when you have a full house of people.
The girls just seem to get mad at me or don't have the patience for me whenever we get a full load in. I just am trying to do my best with things and cleaning the patient.
Most likely at this point your wondering............well heather how long does it take YOU to clean teeth anyway?
It all depends on how much crap has been decomposing in the person's mouth really.
Trust me on this, the one thing dentists will definatly give you hell about is if you've left any plaque on a patient's teeth. They almost give a look of digust at you.
So after many scoldings before I am doing much better with cleaning the teeth out, but appearantly I'm still taking too long.
Its not the easiest thing to do especially if you have a overly ambitious or freaked out child on your hands.
So with that, one of the head assistants said that I needed to speed things up and that the other girl's are picking up my slack. She said she had been meaning to tell me for some time but didn't know how I was going to take it.
I doubt she had fear that I would blow up on her, most likely think I'm a fragie creature and break down probably. Although at some point in the day I did want to just push myself in a corner alone for a time.
But I was more offended by the fact that she thinks that I am purposely trying to be slow.
I don't know what kinda fucked up thinking that is..........but its totally wrong because I've pushed myself alot.
At least now I get to de-stress for a little while before entering the fucked up work zone again


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