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Friday, October 13, 2006

Could he be any more of an Ass hole? Yep he could!

Normally I try not to lead such a miserable complaining life but its when I let somone in and allow them to have control over me and my emotions is when it gets frustrating.
I just finished a stressful week of school screenings at work and am looking forward to another paycheck.
Which leads me to my next vent;
It all started with the internet. Stupid internet.
I couldn't connect to it in the living room, which I promptly complained and asked dad if he could kindly put a line in my room, that way I could keep my wires out of the way and not have such a mess and privacy.
He said he could probably do the job, but thus began his complaint that I'm on the net waaay too long.
Well, considering we are still using a 56k modem, and have only one line in the house...........ahem.
There is no point in trying to pursuade him to upgrade because he uses the net probably only an hour or two a week if less.
Of course being a studious gal and my very life is connected to the computer its like my personal LIFE MACHINE! It keeps me ALIVE!!!!! yesssss
So okay we get into a fight about the internet and how he thinks that me having a phone line is in there for my convienence etc. blah blah blah..........
*******Then quiet*******
Then I make the stupid mistake of asking my father later how a cell phone I'm looking at to purchase. BIG MISTAKE! MUCHOS GRANDE MISTAKE!!
He says I shouldn't even be buying a phone because I need to pay off my car and save up for a new one. He continues to say how shamful I am because I haven't paid off my car to my gradparents. I've only got about $300-$400 left on it.
He says I don't need one, and I counter the argument with, well winter is coming up and that i need it in case of an accident or I need help.
He says: I offered to get you a phone awhile ago for emergencies ONLY!
Well thats kinda dumb because I know I'd end up with the cheapest-ass phone ever, not only that but i would most likely be monitored on my calls.
Well damn, I can't ask mom to get milk from the store for me after all.....gee cause my dad is a born retard.
I just get so frsutrated with his behavior and then he wonders why I act the way I do. Umm hello, child= mirror image. At least almost to a degree.
My priorites are just confused most likely. Its such a mess.
Usually if the parents don't recognize the problem(s) its the child that is the first too. It comes out in some way, shape, or form.
Either way, no matter if I pay off my car, its not good enough. I still need to buy a newer car. Then after that they will say I need to move out.
Its always somthing.
No doubt the best solution to this is to just plain move outta there. But, I just don't see myself living on less than $400 a month. You look at rent, food, gas, and all that crap and man it adds up so much.
So la-de-dah.


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