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Saturday, October 07, 2006

I think I'm decomposing

I think my body is slowly self destructing itself from the inside out.
I really do believe its from a good combo of stress and the x-ray waves at work. We constantly take x-rays and I think at this point my reproductive system might be demolished. Not say thats its okay, but its not like I wanted to have kids the natural way anyway.
Seriously, my body aches all over, and everything feels like its inflamed from the inside. OUCH my poor intestines!

No, its not appendicites, cause I'd be in a heck of alot more pain.

So here I am sitting on the couch, trying not to feel as bad for myself as I probably want to.

Work has been killer, between jumping around with x-ray waves, running all over the place to clean, and then cram my poor brain with more information to memorize with things and people and how to sterilize stuff. Its like.........MY BODY NEED TO BREAK APART!

I now understand why most americans are addicted to pain killers. I need to just move out or move to the mediterrian for a few months. Thank God for those lazy europeans right? haha

With work, comes humor. Like this past wednesday when we have our morning staff meeting. Its all the assistants, hygenist, dr, and the front office ladies. Right in the middle, I heard this sound. It sounded like a fart but I wasn't sure until Dr. gave it away and said "oops excuse me". I tried so hard not to smile and laugh cause if I looked at his face I would have burst. I thought, man thats gotta be humilating, but still I felt like he sorta deserved the embarassment anyway. HAHAHA.
Oh yeah, I also got $40 bonus cash from him as well for G.A. week. CHA-CHING!!!

If there is one thing to win me over with its lots and lots and lots of cash n' stuff. Cause............I like stuff. Don't worry its not like I'd ever marry some jerk or old ugly man for it. My good side would win over it.

So umm what else....................I'm just lucky to have made some alliances at work now. It truly does feel like survivor there. To outwit and outplay yourself really.

Some days can get so stressful, with whiney screaming kids, to the dr. getting frustrated that I haven't still fully memorized charting etc. Those are the days when I'm ready to cry. Luckily I've got some great ladies who kinda pat me on my back and say "there, there".

Alright so thats whats keeping you up to date in Heather's World. Thank you to all my special readers who take probably maybe 5 minutes out of your llife to check up on my little exsistance.

chaio babes~


Anonymous Uncle Torkel said...

Heather you are making my day. You have turned my boring days into sheer excitement, Never quit, just keep going. By the way why have you stopped writing your ex best uncle?

8:01 PM  

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