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Monday, October 16, 2006

I'm feeling sick and blue....oh yeah I have a thing for Scotsman

Today was bad.
Really bad.
Okay not THAT bad, but close.
Everyone has been getting sick alot at work and it just puts so much more work on the other person. I got first hand expierence with that today.
This morning it was me and two other assistants. Our head dental assistant was out, then the other was coming in late because her daughter was sick and our hyigenist was out as well due to illness.
Its from all these damned kids coughing on us.
I think I've had more kids try to gag and cough on me today since I've started the job. Gross.
Not only that but I've been having awful digestive problems, my stomach and digestive just feels horrible. I about wanted to keel over and throw up today. Actually I almost did while on lunch break at the park trying to get some rest.
I don't know whats wrong with me, but i have a pretty reason what the causes are. Its a time like this that I have to just ask God to take away the misery. Cause only He can.
So after lunch I just drugged along and didn't plan on taking much crap from kids. So after work was done I was ready to celebrate and I did that in a most ghetto way: I dumped off my garbage I've been hauling in a car and then went to walmart.
So now here I am, venting as usual................and uerrmmmm daydreaming about marrying a hot scot man and living in the U.K.
Oh hey, I also spilling hot hot tea onto my lap on the couch. I nearly burned certain areas. We'll leave it at that.
So anyway, I gotta let my poor body rest now.
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