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Friday, November 17, 2006

Its been while.............

I've almost given up on this little blog of mine. My life has been so hectic between working at the dental clinic and then coming home to spread out on the couch. Truth be told; I just think that none reads it anymore.
Almost all my friends have converted to the myspace religion or just pass back and forth emails.

So heres a brief update so far of what's going on:

TODAY: 11-17-06

Its a freakin friday and unlike last week's friday where I got stuck with giant girls, and stupid ass kids today was slowers and less hectic. We had Dr. Anderson today and he usually dosen't make me feel nervous while working. But the day never goes without a few little set backs. One of the dental assistants left waaayyyy early today. She had to leave to attend some matter of talking to the school principle about her kid. I dunno what the matter was but everyone knew it wasn't a serious issue. We were really busy at that time and could have definatly used her help. Though the woman is kind she is usually making phone calls or leaves early constantly. Which ends up with us finishing work we need help on.
I didn't dare voice myself because I'm still fairly new and I don't have the standing to to do anything anyway.
With that, our UltraClave (the machine that heat-cleans the dental tools) started leaking, which we reported to dr. but he shrugged it off. Which in turn made noelia mad etc etc etc. It just dosen't end good basically. Sighs.

The past few days have been interesting though. It seems like cold sores have been popping up on every unclean person lately. I had one girl who came in with them, but I swear it looked like she had foot and mouth disease. It was really sick, but not only that the sores made her teeth yellow as if she hadn't brushed in days.

Then yesterday, we had a 13 year old girl getting restorative work done (fancy word for: fillings). So I come in the room thinking that they are done, and I'm ready to help clean the room. So I walk in and what do i see? I first saw the back of the girl's head and it was like covered in slime. I thought "what the hell happened?" Maybe a cap or somthing from the suction I'm looking at her, I see the hygenist walk in with my air room spray and none seemed very friendly.
Later to find out the girl basically puked all over herself when she had a rubber dam on her mouth. The girl didn't even bother signalling that she had to puke or somthing. She just barffed all over herself. It was such a stupid and ambarassing move.

But it is becoming very interesting seeing who will top the next fainting or puking or some other dumb excuse.

What I do find more of what I'm doing is holding kids down. A few weeks ago we had one boy who was such a ****** brat. I was so angery with this kid I wanted to murder him myself. He was definatly old enough to know that everything was ok. So after some balling like a baby the hygenist gave up and for good reason to. We then brought in the Dr. So we lay him back..........he starts screaming at the top of his lungs causing the ladies at the desk to even look in.
It ended up taking 4 assistants to just hold him down so dr. could numb him to take out a simple babytooth. Not only screaming, but he starts spiting on dr. I couldn't believe the amount of dis respect. So we kindaly raise the chair, he ends up pushing dr. and the assistant and ends it with calling him the devil. ******* Kid. I came out of that room just soaked in sweat and red faced cause of the heat in the room.

The second hold down I've down wasn't too bad. The kid usually dosen't get it or knows what's going to happen. So as we put the chair down, then comes the fight. Thankfully this little girl wasn't very strong. It was just holding down her knees. But when it comes to screaming..................holy crap some kid's can get fucking loud!

Some days its not so bad working at the clinic. It really just depends on who I'm working with and the stress level of what's going on. I just truly hope that I will be able to stay there a little longer than what I'm required of. So keep the prayers. God knows best.


Blogger Robyn said...

This entry sounds like a good reason to NEVER HAVE KIDS. Sorry to hear about your pain. :(

3:43 AM  
Anonymous rob n said...

stupid kids! little brats thats what they are...much worse than those freakin seniors at my store...mississauga had nice friendly ones...toronto has disgruntled crazy ones. i'm callin you on the weekend, we gotta discuss our work horrors :)

10:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:01 AM  
Blogger Katrina said...

Hey Heather! I miss you! I love getting notes from you on my blog, and I check yours every now and then to see if you've updated! Are you still working at the clinic? What else is going on in your life lately? I'll be sending you a postcard soon, not to make you jealous, but to show I'm thinking of you!

6:04 AM  
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