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Friday, November 17, 2006

Its been while.............

I've almost given up on this little blog of mine. My life has been so hectic between working at the dental clinic and then coming home to spread out on the couch. Truth be told; I just think that none reads it anymore.
Almost all my friends have converted to the myspace religion or just pass back and forth emails.

So heres a brief update so far of what's going on:

TODAY: 11-17-06

Its a freakin friday and unlike last week's friday where I got stuck with giant girls, and stupid ass kids today was slowers and less hectic. We had Dr. Anderson today and he usually dosen't make me feel nervous while working. But the day never goes without a few little set backs. One of the dental assistants left waaayyyy early today. She had to leave to attend some matter of talking to the school principle about her kid. I dunno what the matter was but everyone knew it wasn't a serious issue. We were really busy at that time and could have definatly used her help. Though the woman is kind she is usually making phone calls or leaves early constantly. Which ends up with us finishing work we need help on.
I didn't dare voice myself because I'm still fairly new and I don't have the standing to to do anything anyway.
With that, our UltraClave (the machine that heat-cleans the dental tools) started leaking, which we reported to dr. but he shrugged it off. Which in turn made noelia mad etc etc etc. It just dosen't end good basically. Sighs.

The past few days have been interesting though. It seems like cold sores have been popping up on every unclean person lately. I had one girl who came in with them, but I swear it looked like she had foot and mouth disease. It was really sick, but not only that the sores made her teeth yellow as if she hadn't brushed in days.

Then yesterday, we had a 13 year old girl getting restorative work done (fancy word for: fillings). So I come in the room thinking that they are done, and I'm ready to help clean the room. So I walk in and what do i see? I first saw the back of the girl's head and it was like covered in slime. I thought "what the hell happened?" Maybe a cap or somthing from the suction I'm looking at her, I see the hygenist walk in with my air room spray and none seemed very friendly.
Later to find out the girl basically puked all over herself when she had a rubber dam on her mouth. The girl didn't even bother signalling that she had to puke or somthing. She just barffed all over herself. It was such a stupid and ambarassing move.

But it is becoming very interesting seeing who will top the next fainting or puking or some other dumb excuse.

What I do find more of what I'm doing is holding kids down. A few weeks ago we had one boy who was such a ****** brat. I was so angery with this kid I wanted to murder him myself. He was definatly old enough to know that everything was ok. So after some balling like a baby the hygenist gave up and for good reason to. We then brought in the Dr. So we lay him back..........he starts screaming at the top of his lungs causing the ladies at the desk to even look in.
It ended up taking 4 assistants to just hold him down so dr. could numb him to take out a simple babytooth. Not only screaming, but he starts spiting on dr. I couldn't believe the amount of dis respect. So we kindaly raise the chair, he ends up pushing dr. and the assistant and ends it with calling him the devil. ******* Kid. I came out of that room just soaked in sweat and red faced cause of the heat in the room.

The second hold down I've down wasn't too bad. The kid usually dosen't get it or knows what's going to happen. So as we put the chair down, then comes the fight. Thankfully this little girl wasn't very strong. It was just holding down her knees. But when it comes to screaming..................holy crap some kid's can get fucking loud!

Some days its not so bad working at the clinic. It really just depends on who I'm working with and the stress level of what's going on. I just truly hope that I will be able to stay there a little longer than what I'm required of. So keep the prayers. God knows best.

Friday, October 27, 2006


I am so fucking stressed.
I'm starting to hate my job. Just when I think I'm made a teeny accomplishment or maybe making a good impression on my co-workers or boss. It just seems to all but come down and crush me to bits.
Today, was hectic. I don't know how it got to be so hectic but obviously according to one of my co-works I wasn't good the best job.
If I was working at starbucks and got yelled at for being too slow, I probably wouldn't care so much for doing a so-called crappy job.
But since I'm dealing with actual people and their health...................its a massive difference.
So let me please take the time to let all of you know that I have alot of respect for the patients and doing a good job.
I'm still fairly new and trying to learn how to do things.
Its definatly not easy trying to clean somone's teeth in less than 7 minutes, especially if they have plaque and crap all over their teeth, or when you have a full house of people.
The girls just seem to get mad at me or don't have the patience for me whenever we get a full load in. I just am trying to do my best with things and cleaning the patient.
Most likely at this point your wondering............well heather how long does it take YOU to clean teeth anyway?
It all depends on how much crap has been decomposing in the person's mouth really.
Trust me on this, the one thing dentists will definatly give you hell about is if you've left any plaque on a patient's teeth. They almost give a look of digust at you.
So after many scoldings before I am doing much better with cleaning the teeth out, but appearantly I'm still taking too long.
Its not the easiest thing to do especially if you have a overly ambitious or freaked out child on your hands.
So with that, one of the head assistants said that I needed to speed things up and that the other girl's are picking up my slack. She said she had been meaning to tell me for some time but didn't know how I was going to take it.
I doubt she had fear that I would blow up on her, most likely think I'm a fragie creature and break down probably. Although at some point in the day I did want to just push myself in a corner alone for a time.
But I was more offended by the fact that she thinks that I am purposely trying to be slow.
I don't know what kinda fucked up thinking that is..........but its totally wrong because I've pushed myself alot.
At least now I get to de-stress for a little while before entering the fucked up work zone again

Sunday, October 22, 2006

I get stuff.............Lots of stuff!!!

..............and I thought blogger hated me!
Well anyway, so I had to show everyone what I recieved in the latest swap I participated in on
It was the oh-so mod Romeo + Juliet swap.
My partner: aka Knitty McKnitKnit sent me the awsomest ( don't I sound like a blonde here) knit purse with Lamour stitched on it. I adore this thing.
I also got some neat little necklaces I can switch around with. They're made from dominos and I think they are mod podged with pictures from the movie.
Of course it came with a neat little (i think shrinky dink?) key ring and a beaded nacklace that unfortunatly broke in the mail. Sighs.
In all I loved every piece. I wish my partner recieved my package awhile ago,but due to postal misunderstandings I've had to mail out waaay late. Somthing which I'm not too proud of.

Monday, October 16, 2006

I'm feeling sick and blue....oh yeah I have a thing for Scotsman

Today was bad.
Really bad.
Okay not THAT bad, but close.
Everyone has been getting sick alot at work and it just puts so much more work on the other person. I got first hand expierence with that today.
This morning it was me and two other assistants. Our head dental assistant was out, then the other was coming in late because her daughter was sick and our hyigenist was out as well due to illness.
Its from all these damned kids coughing on us.
I think I've had more kids try to gag and cough on me today since I've started the job. Gross.
Not only that but I've been having awful digestive problems, my stomach and digestive just feels horrible. I about wanted to keel over and throw up today. Actually I almost did while on lunch break at the park trying to get some rest.
I don't know whats wrong with me, but i have a pretty reason what the causes are. Its a time like this that I have to just ask God to take away the misery. Cause only He can.
So after lunch I just drugged along and didn't plan on taking much crap from kids. So after work was done I was ready to celebrate and I did that in a most ghetto way: I dumped off my garbage I've been hauling in a car and then went to walmart.
So now here I am, venting as usual................and uerrmmmm daydreaming about marrying a hot scot man and living in the U.K.
Oh hey, I also spilling hot hot tea onto my lap on the couch. I nearly burned certain areas. We'll leave it at that.
So anyway, I gotta let my poor body rest now.
efoiehoi ewin weoih coewif,hyqwifyeoifh ydvnck vneweo ifyqoeaoihf

Friday, October 13, 2006

Could he be any more of an Ass hole? Yep he could!

Normally I try not to lead such a miserable complaining life but its when I let somone in and allow them to have control over me and my emotions is when it gets frustrating.
I just finished a stressful week of school screenings at work and am looking forward to another paycheck.
Which leads me to my next vent;
It all started with the internet. Stupid internet.
I couldn't connect to it in the living room, which I promptly complained and asked dad if he could kindly put a line in my room, that way I could keep my wires out of the way and not have such a mess and privacy.
He said he could probably do the job, but thus began his complaint that I'm on the net waaay too long.
Well, considering we are still using a 56k modem, and have only one line in the house...........ahem.
There is no point in trying to pursuade him to upgrade because he uses the net probably only an hour or two a week if less.
Of course being a studious gal and my very life is connected to the computer its like my personal LIFE MACHINE! It keeps me ALIVE!!!!! yesssss
So okay we get into a fight about the internet and how he thinks that me having a phone line is in there for my convienence etc. blah blah blah..........
*******Then quiet*******
Then I make the stupid mistake of asking my father later how a cell phone I'm looking at to purchase. BIG MISTAKE! MUCHOS GRANDE MISTAKE!!
He says I shouldn't even be buying a phone because I need to pay off my car and save up for a new one. He continues to say how shamful I am because I haven't paid off my car to my gradparents. I've only got about $300-$400 left on it.
He says I don't need one, and I counter the argument with, well winter is coming up and that i need it in case of an accident or I need help.
He says: I offered to get you a phone awhile ago for emergencies ONLY!
Well thats kinda dumb because I know I'd end up with the cheapest-ass phone ever, not only that but i would most likely be monitored on my calls.
Well damn, I can't ask mom to get milk from the store for me after all.....gee cause my dad is a born retard.
I just get so frsutrated with his behavior and then he wonders why I act the way I do. Umm hello, child= mirror image. At least almost to a degree.
My priorites are just confused most likely. Its such a mess.
Usually if the parents don't recognize the problem(s) its the child that is the first too. It comes out in some way, shape, or form.
Either way, no matter if I pay off my car, its not good enough. I still need to buy a newer car. Then after that they will say I need to move out.
Its always somthing.
No doubt the best solution to this is to just plain move outta there. But, I just don't see myself living on less than $400 a month. You look at rent, food, gas, and all that crap and man it adds up so much.
So la-de-dah.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

I think I'm decomposing

I think my body is slowly self destructing itself from the inside out.
I really do believe its from a good combo of stress and the x-ray waves at work. We constantly take x-rays and I think at this point my reproductive system might be demolished. Not say thats its okay, but its not like I wanted to have kids the natural way anyway.
Seriously, my body aches all over, and everything feels like its inflamed from the inside. OUCH my poor intestines!

No, its not appendicites, cause I'd be in a heck of alot more pain.

So here I am sitting on the couch, trying not to feel as bad for myself as I probably want to.

Work has been killer, between jumping around with x-ray waves, running all over the place to clean, and then cram my poor brain with more information to memorize with things and people and how to sterilize stuff. Its like.........MY BODY NEED TO BREAK APART!

I now understand why most americans are addicted to pain killers. I need to just move out or move to the mediterrian for a few months. Thank God for those lazy europeans right? haha

With work, comes humor. Like this past wednesday when we have our morning staff meeting. Its all the assistants, hygenist, dr, and the front office ladies. Right in the middle, I heard this sound. It sounded like a fart but I wasn't sure until Dr. gave it away and said "oops excuse me". I tried so hard not to smile and laugh cause if I looked at his face I would have burst. I thought, man thats gotta be humilating, but still I felt like he sorta deserved the embarassment anyway. HAHAHA.
Oh yeah, I also got $40 bonus cash from him as well for G.A. week. CHA-CHING!!!

If there is one thing to win me over with its lots and lots and lots of cash n' stuff. Cause............I like stuff. Don't worry its not like I'd ever marry some jerk or old ugly man for it. My good side would win over it.

So umm what else....................I'm just lucky to have made some alliances at work now. It truly does feel like survivor there. To outwit and outplay yourself really.

Some days can get so stressful, with whiney screaming kids, to the dr. getting frustrated that I haven't still fully memorized charting etc. Those are the days when I'm ready to cry. Luckily I've got some great ladies who kinda pat me on my back and say "there, there".

Alright so thats whats keeping you up to date in Heather's World. Thank you to all my special readers who take probably maybe 5 minutes out of your llife to check up on my little exsistance.

chaio babes~

Monday, October 02, 2006

Bad Boring Day

Well okay, I had planned to work out but I was feeling a bit crappy about alot of things so I did what most normal women do on their days off.........just crash out.
As I laid around for half the morning I starting snooping. My favorite and best past time. Luckily my mom's side of the family always has been known for having a juicy past. Not as entertaining as Anna Nicole Smith, but at least its more on the normal scale.
So I knew my grammie (mum's mother) had written up her life's story/memories up along with a full history of our familia.

So heres how far we go back or at least the farthest we've gotten:

William Pettipoole 1565-1570 Middlesex Co. England.

Thats the farthest that was dated back so far. One things I've noticed is that with all the thick and thin relatives..........its our nose. Its not a big nose but not small. Its like medium thick. My dad somtimes tells me that I have a hughes nose. Not that it matters at all.

So here I am reading a bit out my grans earliest memories and expierences etc. I always knew they were "okies" or migrant workers from Oaklahoma. True southerners but definatly not hicks. Just hard working poor people. My grammie grew up towards the end of the depression "dust bowl" era of the 1930's. They moved all over the southwest, eventually trekking to california like many other farmers looking for a better life. Turns out they camped out in alot goverment camps, were ridiculed alot,
one story in particular was when most of her family was staying at a goverment camp for migrant workers and her aunt Ruby usually entertained most nights with dominos and music for everyone after work when a car kept driving by the houses and splattering mud over the houses. My aunt Ruby took care of that by placing a board with nails out on the road and sure enough the car never returned.

Another re-occuring theme throughout my granmother's memories was that of decipline. We all know that those actions of parents in the early 21st century were practically child abuse. But one memory of hers made me laugh with shock. Appearantly my grammie had a bad case of wetting her pants and then laughing about it. Her mother had enough of that, so the next time she did that her mother (my great-grandmother) made her wear her wet underwear on her head until her father got home to see and probably get a spanking. Luckily that didn't happen, but she never wet her pants again.
Obviously now that would be child abuse today, but imagining my poor grammie as a child with wet underpants on her head is well yeah.......

So with that to make a long life story short, they eventually move up in the chain of life, my grammie meets my grandpa (popo/byron) while working at a movie theather. He joins up in the navy stationed in Hawaii during the Korean War, She eventually flies over the pacific to marry him----------they have blissful years in hawaii-------------they return to San Fransisco where she gives birth to my mom (kay) in a taxi on the Oakland Bay bridge. It wasn't until a about a month later did my grandfather see my mum.

and thats a VERY BRIEF story of the life of my grammie. I'm very grateful to have a rich history and stories. so far.

Crotch Coffee Mug

Who wouldn't want a coffee mug nestled right between your legs? What person wouldn't want a classy gift like that?
I'll I'm gonna say is; I know some people will probably get more pleasure outta this thing than I would.


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